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Quang Minh  
Sword- and Glass Balancing  
Press Reviews

The star of the evening, Quang Minh, comes from Vietnam and offers a balancing act like nothing you've seen before. Balancing the shaft of a knife in his mouth, a sword on its tip and a tray with three glasses on top of that, the Asian flies on the trapeze over the heads of the audience. All this he accomplishes with the confidence of a sleepwalker and the lightness of a bird.
Frankfurter Allgemeine

Definitely world class - calling it fantastic is not saying enough. Quang Minh gives a performance that demands thundering applause, and rightfully so. We've never seen anything like this in our latitudes.
Berliner Kurier

And then the climax of the evening - a breathtaking man from Hanoi, Quang Minh by name. We've never seen anything like him. The Vietnamese was able to balance a sword on the tip of a knife held in his mouth, on top of the sword a tray with champagne glasses - and all that on a trapeze high above the heads of the audience. Hanging by a thread, but no mistakes.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Great astonishment at Quang Minh from Vietnam: he balances a long sword on a knife, which he's holding in his mouth. On top of that a tray is posed, upon which three champagne glasses are standing. With this he steps onto the trapeze and does his magic. And nothing falls down. The audience shouts with joy.
Frankfurter Neue Presse

In his mouth a knife, on its tip a sword and on top of that a tray with glasses. And all this on the trapeze. This Vietnamese man is absolutely incredible!
BILD Frankfurt

Total inner calm is all that Quang Minh radiates when he climbs up on the trapeze. This Vietnamese man is the "only sword-balancing artist worldwide" advertised as a superstar. The entire audience, not just those sitting directly below the trapeze, will feel goosebumps when the artist swings back and forth, turns to the side - always with the knife on which he is balancing the sword in his mouth. The champagne glasses on top don't wobble, even a little.
Frankfurter Rundschau

Nerves of steel are required for the performance of Vietnamese Quang Minh. Even hard-boiled cabaret-goers sometimes have a hard time believing that all the things he contrives to do up there will end well. He balances a knife in his mouth tip to tip with a razor-sharp sword. This not altogether risk-free undertaking happens on a trapeze. When Quang Minh swings back and forth, no hands, the tip of the sword pointing ominously at his throat, you the audience member feel an oppressive anxiety in your own throat. Finally there is thunderous applause, and the tension is discharged.
Frankfurter Rundschau

Quang Minh earned enthusiastic applause, and rightfully so. The Vietnamese balances masterfully, for example, glasses on a tray placed on a sword, the tip of which stands on a knife held in his mouth. Onto the trapeze with all that? For him, no problem.
Tagesspiegel, Berlin

From Vietnam comes Quang Minh with a breathtaking sword-balancing act which makes chills run up and down the spines of the audience members.
Offenbach Post, Frankfurt

The artist Quang Minh, originally from Vietnam, gives a fantastic first-class performance. One finds such graceful dexterity in few European artists; this degree of grace is reserved for Asians. A record performance of artistry!
Frankfurter Allgemeine

Tip to tip. One pair of eyes charming the force of gravity. With great suppleness the slim body winds itself upward. On the trapeze he readies himself for flight. And now: thunderous applause.
Basler Zeitung

The audience watched with huge eyes and open mouths as Quang Minh, with perfect mastery of his body, on the trapeze, balanced a tray with champagne glasses on a sword.
Berliner Lokalnachrichten

When the Vietnamese artist Quang Minh balances a sword on the tip of a knife and on top of that a tray with champagne glasses and, to top it off, swings on a trapeze - everyone holds their breath.
Frankfurter Rundschau